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Last month, I use my new credit card to shop at a swimwear site call SwimOutlet because they say they are American's favorite swim shop. At the end of month, I found myself getting a strange charge form a spam site name $29.99 that month. I was confuse.

I never use this card anywhere besides and I was so mad I call them. They say they have nothing to do with that spam site...

So, for your own good, don't Shop at if you don't want you information going out to spam site.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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I shopped at Swim Outlet one time, and the same day, my CC info was used to buy and iPad on eBay the same day. I am hesitant to shop here again.


My card information was also stolen at

My credit card was charged $13.00 for a subscription to the newspaper I called my bank, reported the charge as fraudulent and got my $13.00 back. However I am without a credit card until I get a new one.

Escondido, California, United States #961409

Orders take forever to arrive. I used to buy a lot from this company, they were based out of Pleasanton,CA.

At some point they moved distribution to Ohio. Now it takes forever, free shipping means your package takes the Pony Express across the country.

Local HS swim team used Swim Outlet for suit, otherwise I would use Amazon Prime. This company has lost it!


thats not their fault you *** piece of ***.


I've been shopping at Swim Outlet for years (3 competitive swimmers, 1 swim coach in the immediate family) and have NEVER had a problem with ordering or billing or spam or anything. They are the website I recommend to all my swimmers/swim parents.

They have quality merchandise, at very good (sometimes ridiculously so) prices.

I shop all the sports stores, websites, and Swim Outlet is my first choice for swim gear and swimwear. Sorry you had a bad experience.

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